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A compliation of images showcasing this beautiful Mediterranean island.

Here at Corsican Places, we’re sure that if you’ve visited Corsica before you’re well aware of the island’s natural beauty. For those who haven’t yet had that experience, we’re hoping that the following selection of images will show you exactly why we fell in love with the destination, 29 years ago. If a holiday to Corsica isn’t something you’ve considered before, prepare yourself to be inspired…


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Beginning our journey in the south east of the island in the L’Extrême Sud region, we simply couldn’t let you miss out on Pinarello Beach - the perfect pit stop for beach lovers.


Moving across to the south-west, Propriano’s coastline is another place where sunbathers and snorkelers can explore and soak up the sun amidst some striking scenery.


Tarrabucceta with its Mediterranean vegetation and mountainous backdrop is an ideal place for hikers to explore…


And for some pretty dramatic landscapes including gorges, valleys, rivers and national parks, Central Corsica is the best place to stop and have a look around.

Jon Ingall | Shutterstock


St Florent, a town tucked away in the north-east corner of the island offers some rather unique stretches of coastline.


Or for the ultimate beach holiday fix, where white sands meet turquoise waters, head on down to Rondinara beach in the south, in between Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio.

Guitain | Shutterstock


And finally, not forgetting the rugged mountain scenery on the Valinco western coast of Corsica, second to none in its natural beauty…

Above: Piana

Above: Bussaglia


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