The beauty of Central Corsica

Updated on Sep 10, 2021 by Alastair McClymont

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While many will flock to the coast for the summer during their Corsica holidays, we think you'll find just as much reward visiting Central Corsica.

When holidaymakers book their trips to Corsica for the summer, it is highly likely that the island's breathtaking coastline and remarkable range of beaches, bays and coves will be at the forefront of their mind. And you'd be forgiven for this, given the beauty of the Corsican coast and the range of coastal locations in which to indulge.

Despite the obvious lure of the coast, we feel that overlooking the Central region during your Corsica holidays would be a real shame. Some of the island's most beautiful nature and landscapes can be experienced in and around Corsica's mountains. From charming little mountaintop towns to sprawling green forests; there is much to see and do in Central Corsica. To try and inspire you further, we've put selected some of our favourite photography from the island's Central region, showcasing the beauty that awaits those on holiday in Corsica.



One of the central region's most beautiful locations; in addition to being an attractive town, the surrounding countryside is teeming with outdoor adventure opportunities and photogenic landscapes.

Photo credit: Irina Kuzmina | Shutterstock


Restonica Valley

One of Corsica's most beautiful and dramatic areas, the Restonica Valley is defined by glacial gorges, granite cliffs, verdant pine forests and diverse wildlife. Numerous lakes and rivers punctuate the valley, including the famous Lac de Melo.

Photo credit: Jack Jelly | Shutterstock

Photo credit: jon ingall | Shutterstock


Spelunca Gorge and Evisa

Spanning two kilometres and penetrating the villages of Ota and the picturesque Evisa, the Speclunca Gorge is one of the island's most striking sights. Evisa is set in lush chestnut forests and is a popular jaunt for walkers.

Photo credit: leoks | Shutterstock

Photo credit: l i g h t p o e t | Shutterstock


Outdoor adventure

Central Corsica is one of the best areas for outdoor adventure on the island. Hikers and cyclists are particularly well catered for when it comes to opportunities to get active amid some of the island's most beautiful landscapes.



We couldn't complete this photographic journey through Corsica without solely focusing on some of the region's marvellous views of nature and its diverse flora.

Photo credit: Allard One | Shutterstock


Inspired by Central Corsica and fancy a holiday to this beautiful and diverse island? Take a look at some of the accommodation we offer in Central Corsica for even more inspiration.


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