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The Island of Beauty boasts some incredible vistas. Here's a collection of our top 10 sea views in Corsica.

Corsica is known as the 'Island of Beauty' for good reason, and as such, you'll encounter countless beautiful views throughout your time holidaying on the island. Whether you embark on your Corsica holiday to relax, recharge or to get active, there's no doubt that you'll spend much of your sunshine escape indulging in the beautiful coastline that makes Corsica so picturesque.

From lazing on the sand to hiking some of the wonderful trails that curve around sections of Corsica's 1,000km coastline, you'll find that a majestic sea view is something of a mainstay during an escape to the island. You'll have several locations and properties to choose from for soaking up the best of Corsica's coast, and to give you a flavour of what's on offer, we've put together this list of some of our favourite sea views on the island.


Top 10 sea views in Corsica


The view across Calvi from Notre Dame de la Serra


Admiring the dramatic coastline from the fortress town of Bonifacio


A view across to the Gulf of Valinco from Villa Bumortu - find out more about this property


A stunning sea view enjoyed along the road to Piana


The stunning la Balagne coastline


Majestic views across Bussaglia Beach and over towards the Scandola Nature Reserve


Enjoy a spectacular sea view from Villa Clea in St Florent - find out more about this property


Wild and rugged vistas enjoyed along the dramatic coastline of Cap Corse


Amazing views from the ocean this time, on approach to the Scandola Nature Reserve


The gorgeous Gulf of St Florent from L'Ancre Bleue - find out more about this property


Find some more of the island's most incredible locations by checking out our top 10 places to go guide page.


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