Corsica Regional
Nature Park

Stunning scenery and protecting nature...

Spanning more than 850,000 acres which amounts to almost 40% of the whole of Corsica, lies the Corsica Regional Nature Park. Consisting of forests, lakes, gorges and mountains this area showcases some of Corsica's most impressive scenery. Since being established in 1972, the Corsica national park has been successful in its aim to protect nature, with wildlife flourishing, the environment being preserved and Corsica has seen a large reduction in forest fires, with the locals embracing this wonderful natural play park. 

The official natural park starts from Monte Cinto in the north east of Corsica, and spans down to the south of the island in Bavella encompassing the coastal areas of the Scandola Nature Reserve on the west coast. This is a must see, providing fantastic examples of dramatic rock formations, emerging from the stunningly clear blue waters, hidden caves and impressive jagged rock landscapes shaped by erosion that hold a volcanic red shade, which when glistening in the Corsica sunshine provides a beautiful contrast to the blue of the sea. You can explore on foot (not for the faint hearted), take a drive through the winding roads of the Calanques de Piana for an elevated view, or the best option, enjoy it from the water on a boat trip that departs from Calvi or if holidaying on the west coast, from Porto or Ajaccio

Restonica Valley Rocky Stream - Corsica


The interior of the park is a paradise to nature lovers and provides some amazing adventures. Explore the many rock pools, bathe in rivers, hike in the forested Fangu Valley and look out for golden eagles and bearded vultures flying high. On the ground deers, wildcats and wild boar roam and you will soak up the scents of the willd flora and fauna which is in abundance.