Festivals & Events

Corsica is an island of culture with an abundance of music, art and cultural festivals. Many of the villages also hold fetes to celebrate its local crafts and produce, as well as religious or historical events.

Whenever you travel there is likely to be something happening close by, however if you would like to plan your trip around a specific event or festival, here is a list of everything going on throughout the year.

Local food market

Rural Festivals

Corsica has many rural fairs and festivals that celebrate local produce and they are a fantastic insight into the Corsican people and their love for the island.

A Fiera di U Casgiu in Venaco - 2nd-3rd May
A Fiera di U Casgiu is a rural cheese and local produce fair in Venaco, as seen on Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes. 

Fiera di U Vinu in Luri - Early July
For those who love wine, in the heart of the village of Luri, the Fiera di U Vinu invites the public to taste wines from across Corsica and is a major gathering for the island’s wine producers.

Fiera di l’Alivu in Montegrosso - 18th-19th July
Around 10,000 visitors honour the olive in a delightful olive grove setting, with exhibitions demonstrating olive production over the years and artisans selling refreshments and local produce.

Foire de l’Amandier in Aregno - 1st-2nd August
Just along the coast from Calvi, in the Balagne village of Aregno, the Foire de l’Amandier includes tastings, painting exhibitions, events for children and cooking contests all based around the almond and its trees.


These are the last published dates - they are subject to change.