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Despite being our closest Mediterranean island, Corsica remains relatively unknown to British holidaymakers, which is a shame given the sublime mix of astonishing scenery and thriving culture. So what, who and where is Corsica? 

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Corsica Top 10 Places To Go

An island abounding in natural beauty and fascinating tradition, It’s incredible to think that even today Corsica can still feel like something of a hidden gem...


Corsica History

Corsica wears its history lightly, but for the keen eye the layers - from the neolithic to the contemporary are everywhere apparent.

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Corsica weather, as with the rest of the Mediterranean, is influenced by the winds with the temperature moderated by the mountains.



Corsica has 1000km of glorious coastline and close to 200 beaches; and due to the island's diverse landscape there is a similar variety in the makeup of the beaches.

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Culture, Language & Religion

Corsicans are a proud people, generous and free spirited and you will not find more hospitable hosts.



Nightlife in Corsica is generally fairly low key and tends to be based around dining at one of the many restaurants or cafés which can be found in towns and tourist resorts.

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Food & Wine

Corsican food could be said to something of a microcosm of the island itself: somewhere between French and Italian but with many distinctly Corsican flavours unique to the island.

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Shopping & Markets

Corsica offers a great variety of gastronomic delights including maquis-flavoured honey, a wide range of chestnut-based products, charcuterie and cheeses.

Italian folk singer at the Polyphoniques Festival, Calvi

Festivals & Events

Corsica is an island with a thriving local and international culture and is rich with an abundance of music, art and cultural festivals.

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Getting around

For the freedom to explore deep into the island's dramatic scenery, the majority of visitors to Corsica choose to get around by car.

Pool & View, Villa Bicu Rossu, L'Extreme Sud

Accommodation Choice

Corsican Places offer a wide range of properties for you to choose from. Find out more about the types of accommodation we offer here.

Corsican Island Mystery walking tour

Corsica Map

Corsica has a vast range of regions to explore. Find out more about the accommodation and what is on offer in each area here.

Regional Nature Park

Discover some of Corsica's most impressive scenery it its Regional Nature Park which makes up nearly 40% of the island.

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There are plenty of adventurous activities in Corsica - try canyoning, climbing, cycling or diving or perhaps a round of golf on the stunning Golf de Spérone. 

Regions of Corsica

Despite being our closest Mediterranean island, Corsica remains a mystery to most Brits; it has a lot to offer and many different layers to discover. Described by the French writer Balzac as 'A French island basking in the Italian sun' there are both French and Italian influences plus a uniquely Corsican flavour.


The evening lights of Calvi

Calvi & la Balagne

Long favoured by the discerning British traveller, la Balagne is the perfect introduction to Corsica.


St Florent & the North East

Drive north east from Calvi and L'Ile Rousse, through the wild Désert des Agriates, and you’ll eventually come to the calm oasis that is St Florent.

Rondinara Bay

L'Extrême Sud

L'Extrême Sud comes alive in the summer season with an abundance of activities on offer and an array of stunning beaches.


Valinco & the West Coast

Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoléon, breathes elegance and sophistication within its pastel-shaded rainbow of pavement cafés, promenades and gracious squares.


Central Corsica

Corsica 'that mountain in the sea' is a land of grandiose landscapes sprinkled with villages, offering an infinite variety of scenery at every turn.