Nightlife in Corsica

Nightlife in Corsica is generally fairly low-key and tends to be based around dining at one of the many restaurants or cafes which can be found in towns and tourist resorts. 

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a few post-dinner drinks, the larger towns will have a good selection of bars to choose from and even most small villages have a bar where you can enjoy a glass of the local wine.

There are a number of bars and fish restaurants lining Calvi marina which offer fantastic views but can be a little expensive. Head back from the waterfront and there are a wide selection of more reasonably priced options. For the ultimate night out, check out Chez Tao in the citadel which is the place to be for celebrity spotting. Established in 1935 as a cabaret venue, it is now a piano bar and restaurant with fantastic views of the bay. There are some open-air nightclubs on the N197 out of town which mainly cater for younger clients.

Ajaccio has a good selection of bars but most evening entertainment is based around restaurants. Bastia has a few discos which tend to be busier out of the summer season due to the student population and locals returning to their family village for the holidays. In Bonifacio the majority of bars will close before midnight but some stay open a little later in the port area and there are nightclubs in nearby Porto Vecchio which stay open till 4am. For more information on specific areas see our Destination Guide.

Calvi fireworks


There are some great opportunities for eating out across the island, as documented in our Food & Drink category on our Corsica Blog.



Every town and village in Corsica hosts a festival celebrating a local craft, religious date or historical event. These tend to be held during the summer and celebrations include markets, eating, drinking and may also include music, dancing and fireworks. If you would like to coincide your holiday with a festival you can find out more with our diary of events for each of the regions of Corsica. 


There is a casino in Ajaccio which is open from 1pm to 4am - open to anyone over the age of 18 who is dressed "appropriately".