Beaches in Corsica

Corsica has 1000km of glorious coastline and close to 200 beaches

Beautiful beach of Cupabia

There are fine and coarse white and golden sand beaches, plus pebbly beaches made up of millions of sea-moulded stones of every colour; and because of the nature of the landscape many of Corsica's beaches are hidden coves accessible only on foot or by boat - there's certainly something magical about exploring the coastal paths and stumbling across a deserted cove washed by the warm deep blue of the Mediterranean.

The beaches in Corsica are also incredibly clean and whether you're in one of the secluded bays or on one of the busier town beaches you will always find a very good standard of cleanliness - both in terms of the beach itself and in the quality of the water. And because of the island's position in the Med it gets some great winds and provides ideal conditions for a wide variety of water sports. There's good surf here, perfect spots for windsurfing, not to mention the more esoteric pursuits such as wake boarding, kitesurfing and flysurfing.

Rondinara Bay

There is a slight downside to all this in that many of the beaches (as many as 75%) are not patrolled by lifeguards and as such it pays to do a bit of research before you go to make sure the conditions are right for you and your family. Generally speaking the most popular beaches are patrolled but it pays to be safe and check.

Campomoro Bay

Rather than give a long list of beaches we have broken them down into regions - please follow the links to your region of choice. Please be aware that this is far from exhaustive, we've just tried to give a flavour of the fabulous range of beaches Corsica has to offer.

Beaches of la Balagne

Beaches of St Florent and the north east

Beaches of L'Extrême Sud

Beaches of the west coast