Where is the best place to train for the GR20 in the UK?

Updated on Feb 24, 2023 by Ella Brundle

Blog > Where is the best place to train for the GR20 in the UK?

Experience is vital when preparing for the GR20, it is important that you are training on the correct terrains, here are our expert's suggestions on where to train.

To get the most out of your training, you should attempt to complete other trails similar to the GR20, the walk is strenuous and not to be taken lightly, practicing on routes with similar terrain is important to ensure you can finish the route. Here are some recommended walking routes that would be beneficial to complete in preparation for the GR20 because of their similarities in terrain and elevation.   

Although it is lower than most sections of the GR20, Snowdon by Crib Goch in Wales is still a good trek to do in preparation for the GR20 because of the similarity in terrain.   

People starting their hiking journey often complete the descent from Blencathra by Sharp Edge in the Lake District. Again, this is a scramble, and it is easier than the GR20 but still challenging and will help give you an idea of what’s to come. You will often encounter uneven terrain along the GR20, and by practising along Sharp Edge, you prepare yourself for the physical challenge of scrambling. Scrambling can be very tiring and slow progress, so it is vital to encounter this before you embark on the GR20 itself.  

Scrambling along the Aonach Eagach ridge, Glen Coe in Scotland is a slightly trickier trek than the previous ones suggested and takes on average between seven to nine hours to complete. This walk involves some tricky scrambling and is regarded as a moderate route, meaning it is great preparation for the GR20.  

As always, when walking at elevation, there may be unexpected changes in the weather, so it is vital to prepare for changes in temperatures and ensure that you are comfortable with the best ways to stay warm or keep cool. If you are warm whilst walking and stop to rest, it is best to put a layer on at altitude as you will cool down quickly. However, it can also get warm when walking the GR20 so, you may not always need to take this precaution, therefore, getting used to these conditions is worth preparing for. 

Don’t forget that mental preparation is just as crucial as physical preparation when training for the GR20. It can take a lot of mental strength to carry on through the tough parts of the walk, however, the sense of achievement and beautiful scenery you will walk through is second to none! Book your GR20 walking package today. 

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