6 things you may or may not know about Corsica

Updated on May 09, 2023 by Ella Brundle

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There is much more to the 'Isle of Beauty' than its stunning countryside and perfect beaches, our experts have put together a few facts.

Corsica makes for a holiday where you’ll find yourself saying ‘wow’ at least once a day. Its stunning scenery, gorgeous sunshine, pristine beaches and mouth-watering cuisine all contribute to Corsica’s name of ‘The Island of Beauty’. However, there is so much more to Corsica than this...

1. Corsica is the closest Mediterranean island to the UK! Lying just 105 miles from France and 56 miles from Italy, it is French in origin yet it has many Italian influences, especially in its food.


2. When visiting Corsica, you will most likely notice the Moor’s Head on the Corsican flag, local goods, official buildings, Corsican boats, or aircraft. This symbol dates back to the 13th century when the Pope gave the Aragonese rights over Corsica after their victory over the Saracens. This acquisition was portrayed by the Moor’s Head.



3. It has its own ski resort, in fact, there are four on the island, allowing for cross-country skiing. So, the perfect reason to find yourself in Corsica in the winter.

4. It is home to THE most challenging walking trail in Europe – the GR20. Corsican Places have some fabulous walking holiday packages, find out a little more about them here.

5. It is the Mediterranean island with the most airports, four in total, located in each corner of the island, meaning you are never far from where you want to stay, reducing your transfer times…perfect!



6. Corsica hosted the Tour de France in 2013, the 100th edition! It started in Corsica and finished in Paris. This year it was won by British cyclist, Chris Froome, in 83 hours and 56 minutes.


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