Our top tips for family holidays to Corsica

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From great beaches to perfect properties, enthralling adventure to intriguing destinations, family holidays to Corsica are as popular as ever.

It’s safe to say that when you visit Corsica it will capture your heart. With its breathtaking scenery, appetising cuisine and thriving culture, a visit to Corsica caters for everyone including families. With 1,000km of coastline boasting close to 200 beaches, and only just over two hours away from the UK, you’re closer than you think to be able to explore all the best bits of the island with your family.

So that’s why we want to share our experiences and fond memories of this remarkable country with you, plus some tips for activities for the kids, so maybe one day you can make some memories of your own.


Suzanne Brown, Commercial Team

"I’ve been to Corsica a few times now with my family, one of the main reasons we keep coming back is the beautiful safe beaches. My favourite is Santa Giulia Beach about 15 minutes from Porto Vecchio. Car parking spaces are somewhat limited to the northern side of the beach so better to approach from one of the southern roads leading off the N19."


Natalie Ford, Yield Manager

"I was in the south this year, villa - Casa Di Pruno, and went on a lovely short boat trip around Bonifacio (45 mins) - and then spent the rest of the evening walking around Bonifacio."


Activities which are great for children, from younger to older…

Pony and donkey rides

Available in many different locations on the island, children can take a trek along the beach or through the maquis. 

Tortoise sanctuary

Located just to the north of Ajaccio, Corsica is home to the largest tortoise sanctuary, where you can find over 150 species of tortoise and turtle. 

Water sports

Corsica offers a range of water sports for you to try, such as windsurfing, snorkelling and kayaking. 

Swing through the treetops

with rope swings, monkey bridges and cables through the treetops, the mountains of Corsica will keep older children occupied for hours. 

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