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Introducing our new representative in north-east Corsica

Welcome to Gaël de Pachtere, who has joined our wonderful team of reps covering St Florent and the north-east of the island.
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Corsican accommodation near the beach

Looking for your summer 2017 beach holiday? Here's what Corsica has to offer.
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5 beaches to visit in Corsica this summer

If you're heading on holiday to Corsica this summer, ensure you pay a visit to one or two of these fantastic Corsica beaches.
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Most romantic locations in Corsica

Discover Corsica's most romantic locations, perfect for holidaying couples or honeymooners hoping for a memorable and loved up holiday.
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Top 10 beaches in Corsica

We aim to ease your beach-filled troubles by presenting 10 of our favourite beaches in Corsica, all ready to accommodate your beach towels.
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Beach hopping in the South of Corsica

The south of the island is home to some of the Mediterranean’s most idyllic coastal settings, perfect for those on beach holidays to Corsica.
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