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Packing the correct items and avoiding overpacking is very important when it comes to the GR20 - our experts have put together a list of essentials!

When taking part in the GR20, it is essential to pack the correct items as there is no opportunity to buy new equipment or clothing once on the trek. It is important to pack smart! Remember for much of the trek you will be carrying a large rucksack with everything you need for a few days. If you are looking to book your GR20 adventure through us, we will treat you to luggage transfers, meaning you will reunite with your main luggage at specific points, allowing you to carry less on your day hikes.

When packing, you only need the essentials, carrying excess gear can be dangerous, and too much weight will only increase the challenge and potentially prohibit you from completing the walk by adding to your fatigue. 

Here’s your go-to for essential items to pack for walking: 


  • A 35-45 litre rucksack 
  • Hiking boots with excellent grip and ankle support 
  • Walking socks 
  • Shorts, t-shirts and swimwear 
  • An excellent quality waterproof Gortex jacket 
  • Thermals hat, gloves and a warm fleece 
  • Sun protection – including sun cream, hat, lip protection and sunglasses 
  • A 2-litre platypus/camel bag 
  • Tupperware lunch box with leakproof lid, 0.8l. A fork or spoon and penknife (knives are not provided) 
  • A basic first aid kit with blister pads 
  • Two walking poles and a headlamp 

It’s important to prepare for all weather eventualities. Due to the altitude change, you will need to layer up or reduce layers as the day progresses. Temperatures and weather conditions will fluctuate and on sunny days it is easy to get burnt without the correct protection. 

In addition, you will require some items for rest time:

  • Leggings or trousers
  • A pair of hard-wearing sandals

These will ensure you are warm enough in the evenings, whilst sandals will give you a break from wearing your hiking boots all day.

Other general things to pack include:  

  • Plastic bags and zip-lock style bags 
  • A quick-dry towel, small washbag, antibacterial hand wash, toilet paper/tissues 
  • Sleeping bag for -5° comfort – you will need this for all nights staying in Parc Refuges, Gites or shepherd cabins
  • Energy bars and snacks 

Your first aid kit is especially important, and we strongly suggest packing one. Add to its contents: Imodium, rehydration salts (Dioralite), Antihistamine tablets or cream and plenty of blister protection. 

Now that you have your packing list - why not book your GR20 walking holiday with us?

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