Adrenaline junkies read on...

With routes available for beginners right the way through to the complete thrill seeker, the whole family can take on the fantastic experience of Canyoning together. You will explore hard to reach areas that follow a water route down through a multitude of natural rock formations.

There are plenty of canyoning companies in Corsica, all ready to book you on for the time of your life! Once kitted up in your safety gear, the trips normally start (and end) with a short walk. Carved from nature, you will be immersed into the natural surroundings, using the rocks, slopes and paths around you to cross pools, rivers and canyons. Dive, swim, traverse, slide, toboggan, jump and abseil your way through the course, while admiring the absolutely stunning surroundings.

You will find options to do canyoning all over the island, whether you are staying in the north or the south of the island, a short journey will provide canyoning oppotunities. Companies can cater for pretty much all abilities and ages. Children as young as eight years old can normally participate and as long as you have a good level of fitness and mobility there isn't normally an upper age limit. Courses can last anything from two to five hours with jumps and abseils as high as 40 meters. On the beginners courses, you can often avoid the jumps by taking a longer route around.

Some of the most popular areas for canyoning is in central Corsica. While travelling to the sites is always an option, you can also explore the island staying in some wonderful hotels. Corte in central Corsica provides access to the popular Verghellu canyon. A stay in either Hôtel Dominique Colonna or Les Jardins de la Glacier provides fantastic accommodation right on the dorrstep of natures playground. A little further south, a stay in Zonza at Hôtel du Tourisme or Solenzara is ideal for access to the needles at Bavella. Here there are three great canyons Pulischellu, Purcaraccia and La Vacca.