Cycling at its best

Corsica is one of the best destinations for cycling, but certainly not for the faint hearted. As a destination it attracts road and leisure cyclists all year round, all looking for a challenging ride coupled with rewarding scenery, which Corsica provides endlessly. 

Whether you are looking for a week-long cycling holiday, or more of a longer stay to tackle the majority of the island, you can cover miles of coastlines, explore beautiful mountain villages, enjoy a wealth of Corsican cuisine and stay in some amazing accommodation along the way.

The west coast of Corsica is one not to be missed, a sure highlight of anyone's journey. The Calanches de Piana and coastline of Porto offers spectacular scenery, which is pretty hard to beat. Travelling mostly on roads, you will have to contend with tourist traffic especially if you decide to travel during peak season. The best time to travel for cycling is during May, June and September where the daily temperatures are cooler, and the roads are less busy. Whatever time of year, if you are taking a more leisurley route to really appreciate what's around you, you are provided with perfect little pull ins to take that wow shot!


Corsica is a mountainous island, but by staying on the coast roads, the altitude is easier on the legs. You will experience climbs that will take you from sea level up to approx 500 metres altitude in one run. The majority of the road surfaces are good, although some lesser visited areas are in poorer condition, so care whilst descending at speed should be taken.