Map of Corsica


Our Corsica map showcases all the regions of Corsica below. Find out more about accommodation in Corsica, which we have highlighted for you to see. Our map of Corsica aims to help you choose the perfect destination for your holiday. By using maps, Corsica can be seen as a diverse island, from beaches to old towns and ports to national parks, there is so much that can be explored.


Calvi & la Balagne

A region long favoured by the British traveller, this area is a mix of chic and cosmopolitan, as well as rustic and rural. It is a wonderful place to visit as a first-time visitor to Corsica. The quaint seaside towns dotted along the coast make for wonderful sightseeing, whilst the ancient citadel of Calvi is a delight to discover.

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St Florent & the North East

With dramatic mountains and coastline in Cap Corse, the untamed Désert des Agriates and the historic waterfront town of St Florent, there is plenty to see and do in this area. Tiny fishing ports and sandy coves also feature heavily in the region, then there is Bastia the capital of Haute-Corse, a busy town with a population of 50,000, it is well worth a visit when staying in this area.

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L'Extrême Sud

A beautiful location on the island, the bays of white sand and limestone cliffs create a beautiful backdrop for your Corsican holiday. Azure waters surround the quaint town and villages of the south, such as Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio, both are must-visit towns when visiting the south. The Citadel of Bonifacio teeters on the edge of the limestone cliffs and is a perfect place for couples and families to explore, whilst Porto Vecchio is smaller, but has a chic and laid-back feel to it.

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Valinco & the West Coast

Boasting extraordinary landscapes and quaint towns there are many beautiful bays and stunning spots to stop and admire. Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoléon is an elegant town with great café culture. The coast of Gulf de Porto is famous for its beautiful landscapes, Proprano and Olmeto sit on the hillside, explore these pretty villages of a lazy afternoon, and finally, Porto Pollo and Campomoro boast amazing beaches and water sports centres for those looking for an active seaside retreat.

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Central Corsica

For many, the breathtaking landscape and the fantastic walking opportunities are what draws them to the interior of Corsica. Mountains line the island from the tip of Cap Corse in the north to the toe of Corsica. From the remote Cap and the beautiful Restonica Valley to swimming in gorges there is something for everyone looking to explore this magnificent region. For those looking for a tough challenge - try the GR20!

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