Impressive climbing still in its infancy

Corsica is not very well known for a climbing destination - but that only serves as a positive, as actually it's a climber's dream with huge potential. An ideal mountainous landscape, with a choice of granite, limestone or sandstone walls, Corsica offers fantastic climbing with peaks rising up to 2000m. 

With a wonderful interior to the island offering beautiful valleys, granite peaks and mountain lakes the options are as impressive as the scenery! Head to the Restonica Valley, where together with the Restonica River the setting really is simply stunning. A varied terrain offers multiple routes where practicing a variety of climbing styles is possible and with over 10km of climbing options the choices are pretty endless.

Climbing in Corsica is available all year round thanks to its mild climate. Whilst in the winter there is snow, there are still some great choices to explore like the Lombarducciu in Restonica at 2261m.

Tavignanu, located just north of Restonica, again provides a variety of options, many routes are well equipped which will allow you to really appreciate the beauty of the valley. Head to the Needles of Bavella located still in central Corsica but further south for more intricate routes perfectly suited to adventurous climbers. This is probably the most well known area for climbing in Corsica.

On the north-west region, the impressive landscape of Asco offers differing faces to climb and a variety of orientations. Time spent here will no doubt also reward you with views of the golden eagle.

We would always recommend ensuring you book guided rock climbing. Not only for your safety, but the local rock climbing guides know the areas well, and can provide you with climbs suited to your ability and your requirements, ensuring your day on the faces are challenging yet very rewarding.