Flight Delays

What to do in the event of a flight delay...

Knock-on delays are rare for our flights to Corsica, however, occasionally, despite the best efforts of all concerned, flights are delayed for reasons beyond our control. In the event of a lenghty delay, we always do our best to provide refreshments when appropriate. We will also work closely with the airline and our resort office to make sure that any delay is as short as possible and that your overseas transfer and accommodation arrangements are changed if necessary. Our aim is to minimise the inconvenience of delays as far as possible.

Airlines and flight times are sometimes subject to changes beyond our control, in which instance we will of course contact you as soon as we are advised. 

Due to the stringent regulations for pilots flying in and out of Corsica it has been known for flights to be altered in which instance we will contact you as soon as we are advised. Please note that Calvi Airport requires special pilot training and flights cannot land outside of daylight hours or in windy conditions. Flights will be diverted to the larger airport at Bastia if conditions or crewing issues dictate. Airlines and flight times given can therefore be subject to changes beyond our control.