Flight Departure Times to Corsica

Outbound and inbound flight dates & times to Corsica from the UK:

Corsica 2024 Flight Details

Route Day Operating Date Terminal Outbound Inbound
        Depart Arrive Depart Arrive
Stansted - Calvi Sun 19 May - 6 Oct Main 09:00 12:15 12:55 14:10

Please note:

  • All our flight times are local, and Corsica is one hour ahead of the UK.
  • Flight details are subject to change - Please call us to check the latest schedules.
  • Due to the stringent regulations for pilots flying in and out of Calvi Airport (due to terrain) it has been known for flight schedules to be altered in which instance we will contact you immediately if we can.
In addition to our charter flights, we are also able to offer third party flights from/to the following airports.
Route Day Operating
Heathrow - Figari Saturday & Sunday May - September
Gatwick - Calvi Wednesday & Sunday July - August
Gatwick - Figari Thursday & Sunday June - September
Gatwick - Bastia Tuesday & Saturday April - October