Beaches of the west coast

There are some beautiful beaches along the west coast of Corsica - some more well known than other, and some, around Portigliolo, Isolella & Ruppione, hardly known at all...

Porto Town

The town beach is an exposed pebble beach situated south of the rock upon which stands the Genoese tower. It shelves steeply and can be dangerous if the sea is rough or it is a windy day. However, the crags overshadowing the shore set a spectacular scene and there is great snorkelling from the rocks to the south.

Plage de Bussaglia

Only 5km from Porto this is a pebbly cove and the first strand of beach accessible by car from Porto. There are a couple of pizzerias open in high season which also serve nice salads and seafood.

Bussaglia beach

Plage de Caspio

A pebble beach, 3km down the road to the coast from Partinello. It is very popular with locals and has a beach bar. Be aware that the sun is obscured behind the cliff in the afternoons during the summer.

Plage de Gradelle

This shingle beach at Osani has a deep translucent sea and fantastic views of the Calanches and Capo d’Orto.  However, due to a nearby campsite it can get busy during July and August.

Anse de Ficajola

This lovely cove was once Piana’s little port. It is reached by a short steep road (D624) that loops down to the shore from the central junction in Piana. Stunning views make it a lovely drive and 10 minutes walk along a stone stairway lead to the tiny cove of red rocks and limpid sea. Again, the sun disappears fairly early in the afternoon.

Plage d’Arone

A superb, sandy beach with crystal clear waters. It shelves quickly so take care with non swimmers. Although it can get crowded in the summer, tracks lead through the rocks on either side to other, more secluded coves (where the snorkelling is excellent). There is also a pleasant pizzeria.