Beaches of the west coast

There are some beautiful beaches along the west coast of Corsica - some more well known than other, and some, around Portigliolo, Isolella & Ruppione, hardly known at all...


This renowned family beach is a short drive from the centre of Ajaccio and it has a good suite of facilities including parking, lifeguards and toilets. Yet is also maintains a unique environment with the recent replanting of local plants and a strong sense of conservation for the local wildlife. All this and the beautiful pure blue of the Mediterranean.

Plage d'Agosta

A long sandy beach with water sports and other facilities, making it quite lively. It runs along the Porticcio road. The area of Porticcio and Agosta has the highest proportion of hotels in the whole of Corsica and so the area can be busy in peak season.

Agosta beach

Portigliolo, Isolella & Ruppione

The area has abundant sheltered coves, highly rated in summer and virtually untouched out of season. You may have these pretty beaches to yourself!

Plage St François, Ajaccio

Against the backdrop of the Citadel in central Ajaccio, this is the city centre beach where locals go to relax while out shopping or taking a break from work. The view to the west is of the Iles Sanguinaires. Towards the end of the beach the sand becomes more pebbly.