Beaches of the west coast

There are some beautiful beaches along the west coast of Corsica - some more well known than other, and some, around Portigliolo, Isolella & Ruppione, hardly known at all...


There are a number of town beaches including the main beach Hotel du Phare by the Hôtel de Valinco and the Plage du Lido which is supervised in July and August. The busiest of which is the Plage du Phare which has golden sand and a selection of cafés and restaurants. It can get very crowded during peak season. There are several other beaches along this stretch which are less accessible but worth the venture.

Propriano coastline

Plage de Baracci

Situated on the right hand side before Propriano coming from Olmeto. It is quite long and, when windy, the waves are huge! To get down here, follow the dirt track road down to the coast from opposite the “Total” petrol station. You may see tourists swim there but no locals as it is well known that there are undercurrents which can take one away from the shore. This beach is nice for a walk and to watch the sunset though.


Located in the pretty village of Campomoro, this beach has fine sand and turqoise shallow water making it an ideal choice for children and for snorkelling. There are a couple of restaurants on the beach and a water sports centre. Venture further afield along the coastline past the Genoese tower and you'll find a string of smaller coves amid spectacular scenery (4h / 5h circular walk).


The stretch of coast here has a number of secluded bays, coves and larger beaches, with varying degrees of accessibility. Fringed by granite boulders, bordered by crystal clear water and with superb views across the Valinco gulf, they all offer a superb setting for swimming, snorkelling or simply whiling away the hours relaxing on the beach. Take a picnic in the evening, the sunsets here are spectacular!


Continue along the coast past Capicciolo and you'll find more beautiful coves and beaches in the Abbartello area. There are several good pizzerias and restaurants along the coast to stop for a drink or a bite to eat. The paths are easy to find as the beaches are only 25m or so from the main road.

Porto Pollo

This is a busy little resort set on a horseshoe bay with a lively marina and a sheltered sandy beach. The bay is lapped by gentle shelving and very clear water, making it popular for families with young children. The water sports here are excellent and it boasts some of the best diving in the region. The beach is also frequented by the locals, so it gets busier at the weekends.

Plage de Cupabia

A beautiful beach, beyond Porto Pollo, which is fairly crowded during high season but quiet during lower season. There is a café which sells ice creams and drinks on the beach and windsurfer hire operator, head towards Porto Pollo and shortly before the village head towards Serra di Ferro. Drive through Serra di Ferro and go on for about 3km until you arrive at a T-junction signposted Ajaccio to the left and Coti Chjavari to the left. Turn left direction Coti Chjavari, then quickly after left again (by this point Cupabia is signposted). The road will continue for another couple of kilometres before you reach the beach!

Beautiful beach of Cupabia


Perfect white sand and clear water but the beach is only small so, again, it can be crowded in July and August. About 20km south of Sartène, and midway between Bonifacio and Sartène, turn off the main road by the Auberge de Coralli and follow the dirt track down. The track to the beach may be very rough so drive carefully. Above the beach is the “Lion of Roccapina”, a natural rock sculpture, crowned by an old Genoese watchtower erected at the start of the 16th century, in the first construction phase involving twenty five towers. The romantic legend about this rock form is that a powerful noble, feared by the Saracen pirates (who called him “The Lion”), was in love with a beautiful young girl. When she refused his advances, from despair he died and was petrified in the form that you see today.


There are two beautiful beaches “Plage de Tralicetu” and the “Plage d’Argent”. It takes about 20 minutes to Tizzano. Before you reach Tizzano take the dirt track to the left towards the campsite and continue along the main track. The first long stretch of sand is the “Plage de Tralicetu”. The “Silver Beach” or “Plage d’Argent” is the next small beach towards the left which you can reach on foot. There is also a beach in Tizzano itself. You will see it as you drive through Tizzano, on your left. It often has big waves as the area is windy.

Portiglio beach

A wonderful, sandy beach only about 20 minutes from Propriano. To get there follow the road out of town towards Sartène and turn right heading towards Campomoro. After 3kms you should park and take the small path towards a long sandy beach greatly appreciated by children as the water is shallow – at least on the first part of the beach. If you go further to the right, take care as the beach shelves steeply into the water. Further on is a beach for nudists. Avoid going even further as swimming becomes dangerous because of undercurrents which take one away from the shore.


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