Diary of Events

Throughout the summer season each village holds its own celebration of a local trade, agricultural produce and dates of religious or historical significance.

Village Fêtes & Cultural Events

Each year more events are added to the calendar, so this section highlights the most popular. Keep your eyes open for posters or ask the local tourist office for more information.
The fêtes are the highlight of the village social scene and usually all the villagers and their families become involved in the celebrations and welcome visitors to participate and tour their village. There is nearly always an artisan market, with stalls scattered along the narrow streets which provide ideal opportunities to find an unusual gift or trinket to take back home. It is also an excellent opportunity to get a taste of local village hospitality, as there will always be refreshment stalls and places where you can sample some of the local specialities produced in the traditional manner.


Fiera di u Vinu - Luri - July

For those who love wine, in the heart of the village of Luri, the Fiera di U Vinu invites the public to taste wines from across Corsica and is a major gathering for the island’s wine producers.

A Notte di a Memoria – The Relève du Gouverneur - Bastia

A Notte di a Memoria - the Relève du Gouverneur is a re-enactment of the arrival of the French governor with the Citadel in Bastia cloaked in light-and a drum parade through the streets.

Bastille Day - 14th July

A nationwide celebration to commemorate the French Revolution and the end of the 'Ancien Regime' with various parades, night time animations and firework displays.


Music & Arts Festivals

Corsica is an island of culture with an abundance of activities which are organised by volunteers passionate about their chosen interest. There is a publication, the 'guide des manifestations culturelles' which gives listings of all the events but this is, sadly, invariably produced at the last minute, which often means certain events have passed before it becomes available. It is difficult to get global information of the events planned for the whole year, so look out for posters and ask at the local tourist offices. The majority of Corsican festivals take place in the summer months when the concerts can be held in the open air.


Rock' Inseme in Biguglia

A rock and pop music festival bringing together recognised artists and up-and-coming bands.

Fête de la Musique - June

Numerous free live music events are held each year across the island.


Les Nuits de la Guitare - Patrimonio - July

The amphitheatre in the village of Patrimonio is the setting for the Nuits de la Guitare, this popular festival that takes place every July and draws stars from the world of guitar, be it jazz, flamenco, blues or rock.


Porto Latino - St Florent Citadel - August

A hot, lively and loud latin festival with nightly open-air concerts held in the St Florent Citadel.

Festival de Musique - Erbalunga - August

An established music festival in Erbalubga showing off some of the greatest national and local talents.