Outdoor Pursuits in Corsica

Thanks to Corsica's dramatic granite landscape and rugged mountainous interior adrenalin sports are plentiful - from canyoning to rock climbing and more.

Corsica has an abundance of waterways due to the heavy snowfalls experienced during winter in the high mountains and as a consequence in spring, the water levels of the rivers rise to provide exciting white water opportunities for canoeists and rafters, experts and beginners alike, with some splendid and spectacular descents.



Why not try canyoning? An adventure sport involving following streams and rivers on foot, with abseiling descents and swimming involved. The operation of canyoning is dependant on appropriate weather conditions and the level of the water in the river. The activity is not operational at times of particularly high (or low) water and we suggest you contact the operator earlier in your holiday rather than later, in order to avoid disappointment. Companies have qualified guides and the necessary equipment but participants should have a reasonable level of fitness and be competent swimmers. If you are interested in canyoning we suggest booking accommodation in Piana, Calvi or Porto as there are sites nearby. Your Corsican Places Representative will be able to provide details of operating companies.


While not possessing the prestige of the Alps, climbing in Corsica can be impressive, with everything from short cliffs to challenging climbs, the pinnacle of which are the Bavella needles. Within an hour's drive of the coast, the valleys around Corte offer some of the most exhilarating rock climbing opportunities in Europe, with superb views over the surrounding mountains and valleys. Many of the climbs are quite technically difficult and require a degree of competence and fitness. For short climbs the island's chalk cliffs are the most rewarding; these run in a seam from L'Ile Rouse (on the northwest coast) to Solenzara (on the east coast).

Via Ferrata

Boasting numerous mountain summits, plummeting cliffs and waterfalls, Corsica offers some of the best via ferratas in Europe – perfect for adventurous visitors who want to experience more than just the beach side of this paradise island. Known as “iron roads” in Italian, these designated mountain routes are equipped with fixed cables, ladders, ramps and bridges, allowing isolated areas to be discovered by those with varying climbing abilities. Two of the most popular routes are the via ferratas of Chisa and the Asco Valley.