Sardinia Holidays

Sardinia is just a 11km boat journey away, across the Bonifacio Straits - why not combine a stay in Corsica with a few days on another of the Mediterranean's most beautiful islands?

Its situation equidistant between Italy and Tunisia, Sardinia is in the heart of the Mediterranean. From the glamour of the Costa Smeralda to the beauty of the rural interior, it is a popular destination for those who love water sports, beach life and exploring the mountainous region.

Sardinia is known for its natural beauty but also for its history, with Neolithic sites and traces of many invaders marking the island’s history. There has been more tourist development than Corsica, but still the island remains relatively unspoilt.

The island hosts a feast of festivals and events throughout the year from colourful carnivals to religious processions; these are your chance to experience a piece of true Sardinia.

Many of the festivities are traditions that have been ongoing for centuries and reveal a lot about the Sardinians themselves and their history. The magnificent costumes and jewellery that the women wear highlight the handicrafts of the island. Festivals in Sardinia often have a religious theme but there are a plethora of others that celebrate annual events including the fish festival in July where you can sample fried fish or the International Jazz festival in August one of the most important festivals in Sardinia. We have compiled a list of the main festivals and events so if you are lucky enough to be in Sardinia when one is on, you have no excuse not to miss it!

Religious Events:


Easter - Various Locations

Costumes, processions and intense drama are the main ingredients of Sardinia’s various festa commemorating Easter.

Our Lady of Valverde - Alghero

A Sardinian festival on the first Sunday after Easter. Devotees from all over the region flock to Alghero to take part in various traditional rituals, the most important of which is a pilgrimage to the magnificent 16th century sanctuary dedicated to the saint.


San Giovanni Battista Celebrations - Alghero

A day of religious and traditional celebrations to mark San Giovanni Battista including music shows, horse races, bonfires and even a midnight swim.


Beata Vergine Assunta - Alghero

Musical exhibitions and religious rituals

Fair of Candelieri - Sassari

Celebration of the Assumption – The Sassarese people renew a vow made in the 16th century to the Assumption to free the town from a plague. An event of profound religious meaning, the fair has a playful and spectacular atmosphere.


S Francesco - Alghero

Torch light procession around the town centre

Cultural Events:


Carnival - Various locations

Extremely popular. Masked and costumed figures parade around small villages and bigger towns of the island.

Sa Sartiglia - Oristano

Costumed hijinks and equestrian showmanship recall the medieval roots of this lively festival

April – June

Festival Alguer and its journeys - Alghero

The spring edition of the successful Festival Alguer consists of a serious of concerts, literary meetings, exhibitions and other cultural events.


Sant’ Efisio - Cagliari

A grand procession commemorating the end of the plague in 1656. It’s a magical celebration of faith and folklore, the sacred and the profane.

Cavalcata Sarda - Sassari

A colourful celebration of Sardinian culture with people from all over the island coming together. The town comes alive with colourful decorations, costumes, horse shows, poetry competitions, chants and traditional dances.


Sagra delle Ciliegie - Burcei

Festival celebrating the cherry harvest in the mountain village

Jun – Sep

Festival Alguer - Alghero

A summer-long festival of culture including jazz, musicals, theatre and much more which is held at two of Alghero’s historical venues: the Anfiteatro Maria Pia and the Forte della Maddalena.


Sagra delle Pesche - San Sperate

Peach festival held on the feast of the town’s patron saint

Fish Festival - Santa Teresa di Gallura

Festival inviting visitors to sample fried fish and delightful Vermentino wine

July – August

Summer Music in Alghero - Alghero

Classical music concerts in the Chiostro di San Francesco


International Folklore Festival - Tempio Pausania

Held during Tempio’s summer carnival and featuring various ethnic groups from all over the world

Time in Jazz - Berchidda

International Jazz festival – one of the most important in Sardinia

Tourists’ Fair - Alghero

Music, dances and gastronomy

Regata Vela Latina - Stintino (End of August)

Festival celebrating traditional Sardinian fishing boats

Sporting Events:


Estiva Cup - Porto Rotondo

International sailing regatta


Baltic Cup - Porto Cervo

Sailing show organised by the Yachting Club of Costa Smerelda


S’Ardia Horse Race - Sédilo

One of the most exciting annual events on the island, in which bareback riders race recklessly around the church of Sant’Antine among a lively audience participation. It’s a thrilling spectacle, full of hot tempers, commotion and displays of virility.


Alghero’s Cup - Alghero

International women’s tennis competition

Smeralda 888 European Cup - Porto Cervo

Prime sailing exhibition


Arzachena Gulf Cup - Arzachena

Sailing regatta

Costa Smeralda Rally - Costa Smeralda (End of September)

A prime sporting event along the stunning coastline


Alghero Challenge Cup - Alghero

A prime sporting event along the stunning coastline