Sports & Activities

Corsica is the perfect destination for those who enjoy life outdoors, clean air and lots of activities and the west coast is a haven for those searching for some adventure during their holiday.


Canyoning is a popular sport involving travelling down creeks or streams within a canyon by a variety of means including walking, scrambling, climbing, abseiling and swimming. It requires skills in navigation, ropework and climbing. Obviously the operation of canyoning pursuits is dependant on appropriate weather conditions and the level of the water in the river. Therefore, it may be possible that the activity is not operational at times of particularly high (or low) water and, accordingly, we suggest you contact the operator earlier in your holiday rather than later, in order to avoid disappointment. Companies have qualified guides and the necessary equipment but participants should have a reasonable level of fitness and be competent swimmers.

Baracci Natura
Route de Barracci, near Olmeto
Tel 06 20 95 45 34
They organise canyoning, tree-top acrobatic trail, trampoline from 5/6 years onwards.

Tra I Monti
Baracci near Olmeto
Tel 04 95 76 33 93 or 06 81 51 41 28
This company organises climbing and canyoning trips plus equipment rental.

Adventure Parc
Lac de L’Ospedale
Tel 04 95 72 12 31
Canyoning, rock climbing and hiking available.

Corse Odyssée
Tel 04 95 78 64 05
Organised canyoning and walks.

Escapades Canyoning
Place Casanelli d'Istria, Vico
Tel 06 12 89 74 60



Canoeing is dependant on correct weather conditions and the level of the water in the river. It may not therefore always be possible and you are advised to contact the clubs earlier during your holiday rather than later, in order to avoid disappointment.

Corsica Outdoor
Cours Napoléon, Ajaccio
Tel 06 78 72 34 17

Trips in single or double seat sea canoes in the waters of Ajaccio bay and the lles Sanguinaires.

Sud Nautik
Tel 06 14 11 68 82 or 06 12 32 00 86

Trips in the Gulf of Valinco including around Campomoro, Senetosa and Cala d'Agulia.


Diving and snorkelling

The best dive sites on the island are predominantly on the west coast (although the waters around Bonifacio can be equally as interesting). For those who are unqualified, an initiation dive (baptême) can be done with most of the clubs listed below. Those who are PADI qualified can go on organised dives and rent equipment, and include a number of world-renowned sites. Most of the dive shops on the island provide nitrox recharge facilities and sell a range of accessories and dive guides. The 'cathédrales' off the coast at Porto Pollo in the Valinco, the waters around Bonifacio, Scandola, Ajaccio, Cargèse, and Propriano are particularly well renowned for being prime diving spots.

The dramatically rugged landscape on the dry side of the shoreline continues underwater in the form of yet more mountains and canyons, needles, sharp peaks, rocky masses and scree. The onshore maquis scrub meanwhile transforms underwater into a handsome carpet of yellow flowering anemone, red coral and gorgonian. Underwater inhabitants on the island include grouper, brown meagre and dentex and there are a number of easily accessible wrecks to explore. Corsica's superb underwater kingdom has been impressively well preserved, thanks to the careful management of two internationally renowned marine nature reserves, the absence of an intensive commercial fishing industry and an almost total lack of polluters and pollutants.

Remember not go diving within the period of 24 hours before you are due to fly.

U Levante
Port de Plaisance, Propriano
Tel 04 95 76 23 83

Torra Plongée
Campomoro Beach
Tel 06 83 58 81 81

Porto Pollo plongée
Hôtel du Golfe, Porto Pollo Marina
Tel 06 85 41 93 94

Altra Manera
Port de Tizzano
Tel 06 19 86 67 55



Water sports and boat rental

There are various sites in the area where you can practise windsurfing, catamaran and dinghy sailing, waterskiing and jet skiing. Remember that water skiing is a weather dependant activity, which requires a calm and flat sea. As the wind often picks up during the day, this is often on offer early mornings. The constant presence of the wind attracts windsurfers to Corsica, and the strong winds that whistle through the straits of Bonifacio are some of the best in the Mediterranean for expert windsurfing. The island’s Mediterranean climate and varied bays and beaches also offer superb opportunities for swimming, rock swimming and snorkelling.

The bigger bays of the west coast and the southeast are the main centres for windsurfing as well as dinghy or small catamaran sailing. You can usually hire equipment, from an hour upwards, from fully licensed sailing clubs and many centres offer tuition. Please be aware that without the appropriate licence, you will only be able to rent a motorboat with an engine up to 6cv. If you wish to enrol on a course, we recommend you book early during your stay, especially at the height of the season. 

Centre Nautique de Porto Pollo
Tel 06 03 89 47 14
Hire out windsurfers, catamarans, sea canoes and motorboats on Porto Pollo beach. Waterskiing is also available depending on weather conditions.

Porticcio Nautical Centre
Plage de la Viva, Porticcio
Tel 04 95 25 01 06
Offers lessons in windsurfing, dinghy or catamaran sailing for ages 8 years up. Also rents out windsurfers, kayaks, dinghies and catamarans.

Plage de Porticcio
Tel 04 95 25 91 19
Hires out canoes, kayaks and rafts.

Centre Nautique Valinco
Plage de Mancinu, Propriano
Tel 06 32 84 12 77

Propriano Aqualoisirs
Point Plage, Portigliolo Beach, Propriano
Tel 06 09 52 24 20


Boat Trips

A boat trip as a passenger is a more relaxing introduction to the best of the coastline. Vedettes, pleasure boats that also operate as ferries are operated by many companies and so there is plenty of choice when it comes to exploring Corsica from the sea.

Promenades en Mer Propriano
Port de Plaisance, Propriano
Tel 06 12 54 99 28 or 06 12 04 25 56
Offer motorboat trips (12 seater motor launch) and also an 11 seater skippered catamaran “Big Blue” for sailing trips in the Valinco gulf.

I Paesi di U Valincu
Port de Plaisance, Propriano
Tel 04 95 76 16 78 or 06 11 54 06 38
They offer tours with professional guides, narrated visits (in French): Have two larger boats and offer trips in the gulf and also farther afield to the Calanches of Piana.