Sports & Activities

There are numerous activities available in Corsica and St Florent & the North East region is no exception - from climbing to paragliding and much more.

Corsica is the perfect destination for those who enjoy life outdoors, with its mix of clean air and wide-ranging activities. There is something for everyone, whether you are a novice or an expert. So if you enjoy just lying by the sea, the beaches are some of the best in the Mediterranean; but if you're after something a little more energetic Corsica offers an array of water and land sports for the enthusiast.

There are many ways to explore the stunning scenery in this region including cycling and horse riding; or if you've really got a head for heights you could try paragliding. Of course the more relaxing option would be a boat trip. Daily boat trips leave St Florent during the summer and take you to some of the most stunning beaches, many of which are only accessible by water. The Plage de Saleccia is one of the beaches you can visit, which is where the famous war film 'The Longest Day' was filmed. We can help you arrange to charter a yacht, complete with a skipper and crew or a boat trip from the port if you prefer.


Activities in Corsica

There are numerous activities available on the island during the summer season – for all ages and interests. If you wish to book an activity, please call your representative giving at least 24 hours notice or by all means call by the activity centre itself. Most operators now take credit cards, but you should clarify this beforehand and credit card details may be required as a form of deposit, particularly when equipment is being hired. Please also ensure you check the extent of the cover provided by your holiday insurance as certain activities may be specifically excluded.

Some facilities are only available in July/August and may also only be operational between 10am and 12pm and from 4pm until 8pm.



Many of the climbs are quite technically difficult and require a degree of competence and fitness so should only be attempted by confident climbers.

Escalade Association Sportive du Niolo, Calacuccia
Tel 04 95 48 05 22
An affiliated climbing organisation that specialises in climbs on and around Paglia Orba (Corsica’s 3rd highest peak) including the mountain’s vertical north face and the jagged pinnacles of the Cinque Frati.

In Terra Corsa
Gare de Ponte Leccia
Tel 04 95 47 69 48
Organise daily trips of varying difficulties into the Asco valley. Via Ferrata is an excellent and safe way of experiencing the mountain trails, all the while assured by ropes and safety harnesses. They will not accept groups larger than 10 people. 


Paragliding, parachuting and hang-gliding

A fabulous way to view the stunning scenery! It is advisable to contact the clubs earlier rather than later during your stay if you are interested as places are limited and activities are weather dependent. The Alturaghja ('the place of the eagles') is the aptly named site where some of the islands best paragliding is provided, at over 1,000 metres on the slopes of Monte Cinto.

Altore Ecole Professionnelle de Parapente
Tel 06 08 72 67 19
Located approx 3km east of junction of D451 & D151 between Calvi and Montemaggiore. The tandem or solo flights offered provide excellent views of the Monte Grosso massif, the valley of the Fiume Secco and Calvi bay.

Escalade Association Sportive du Niolo
Tel 04 95 48 05 22

The company offers tandem glides or solo glides on production of the appropriate documentation. The site is easily accessed from Lozzi, just a few kilometres north west of Calacuccia, and, on a clear day, your flight will give you views of west coast, all the way from Calvi up to St Florent.



There are Tennis clubs in most main towns.

Tennis courts, Miomo
Chemin de Tennis
Tel 04 95 33 98 33

Tennis courts, Bastia
Route du front de mer (RN193 / new RT20)
Tel 04 95 39 66 32

Tennis courts, Folelli
San Pellegrino
Tel 04 95 59 81 01



Due to Corsica's mountainous terrain, cycling is not an easy option but fairly active and experienced cyclists will find the challenging climbs and winding routes enjoyable.

For those with enough determination and stamina, the views from some of the coastal roads and mountain tracks are breathtaking. Opt for road cycling around Cap Corse or climb the hills of la Castagniccia for fabulous views across the East coast of Corsica and the Italian islands. If you prefer mountain biking, then venture out in the Désert des Agriates and reach the fabulous beaches of Saleccia and Loto.

The best time for cycling is during mid-season: May-June and September-October, when the weather is slightly cooler and the roads quieter. To escape the traffic completely there are numerous footpaths, woodland trails and 1,900 kilometres of bridleways which will enable you to discover more of the island's natural beauty.

Aliso Sport
Résidence Ste Anne, St Florent
Tel 04 95 37 03 50
Rent out mountain bikes by the half or full day. You will need to leave a deposit.

Europe Active
Tel 04 95 44 49 67
Weekly rental of mountain bikes, road bikes and hybrid bikes.
€90 / week for a leisure bike.
€120 / week for a mountain or hybrid bike.
€150 / week for a road bike. €180 for an electric bike. 

Can be delivered to your property (on request).


Quad biking

For those who prefer to have more than just pedal power, quad biking through the maquis may be a better choice. The following all arrange accompanied trails on quad bikes. 

St Flo Quad
Station Vitol, St Florent
Tel  06 73 64 31 74 or 06 28 59 26 79
Two circuits leaving from behind the Vito service station and through the Désert des Agriates.

4x4 St Flo
Rte de la Plage, St Florent
Tel 04 95 37 06 42 / 06 23 01 68 79

Arrange day trips in an open top 4x4 Vitara through the Désert des Agriates (2 circuits).

Location Terra Mare
By the tourist board office
Tel 07 78 55 50 49
Half or full day rentals, and also arrange accompanied Quad trips around the Cap Corse across the Maquis.


Horse riding

Treks of differing lengths can be booked ranging from two hours to a whole day. When reserving don’t forget to mention whether or not you are experienced. During the heat of the summer, outings are usually limited to early morning and early evening. 

Tel 06 22 25 44 91
Speak English and organise treks lasting from one hour up to a whole day.

U Cavlu di Brando
Tel 06 13 89 56 05

Centre Equestre Borgo St Jacques
Lieu dit Licciarella, Borgo, south of Bastia
Tel 04 95 36 16 58

Ecuries de la Costa Verde
San Nicolao, Moriani Plage
Tel 04 95 30 64 39 or 06 14 55 89 01



The Sentier des Douaniers, named after the customs men who walked this path, runs from Macinaggio to Centuri. Many follow just a small part of the route for a day's walking - the famous Genoese towers along the way are an impressive sight against the coastal backdrop.

The Désert des Agriates is a landscape of wild maquis and rocky cliffs and it is criss-crossed with pathways. Buy an IGN map of the area and choose from the myriad of pathways that lead to otherwise inaccessible beaches.