Beaches of St Florent & the north east

Beaches around St Florent and the north east of Corsica, including the famous Plage de la Royal and little known beaches of Plage de Saleccia and Olzu and Tettola.

St Florent & Oletta

There are several beaches in the resort that are worth checking out - and most are suitable for families. There are also those that are only accessible by boat (easily joined at the marina) and of these Saleccia is probably the best pick.

North East coastline

Plage de la Roya

The main town beach in St Florent can be reached on foot from the port de plaisance or by car just west of the town centre. There are a multitude of water sports available including windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, jet skis and diving. The beach does get busy in July and August.

Plage de Loto

One of the most wonderful, isolated beaches of the Désert des Agriates. With its white sand and clear turquoise water it is very popular in July and August though quite deserted the rest of the year. Access is by foot from St Florent (a five hour walk from St Florent) or by boat - Popeye (04 95 37 19 07 / 06 62 16 23 76). Bear in mind that there is no shade and no bar so you should take whatever you need for protection and your own refreshments.

Saleccia beach - Pawel Kazmierczak  |  ShutterstockPawel Kazmierczak | Shutterstock

Plage de Saleccia

A further hour’s walk along the coast of the désert, Saleccia is often less crowded but is equally stunning - it is a 1km long curve of pearl white sand with perfectly transparent sea. It can also be reached by the track next to the bar Relais de Saleccia on the D81 in the Désert des Agriates though it is not recommended with your hire car. The track is really only suitable for 4x4 vehicles, mountain bikes or Quad bikes and is 12km long (mountain bikes and Quad bikes can be hired from the above bar and in St Florent). 

Plages d’Olzu and Tettola

Found 2km east of St Florent below the Patrimonio road, these are gently shelving to shallow water and have good expanses of sand and some areas of pebbles.

Cap Corse

The coastline at Cap Corse is dramatic and there are no obvious, large beaches to point out. But that isn't to say there aren't any worth visiting - it's more of a case of exploring and seeing what you find. Many of the beaches at this end of the island are shingle but there are a few with fine golden sand.

Plage de Farinole

Located past Patrimonio on the western side of the Cap Corse this is a fine sandy beach with a bar & restaurant, and which is generally not too busy. Please be aware that there are often some strong undercurrents and so it can be quite dangerous, especially when the sea is less than calm.

Plage de Nonza

This beach lies north of the village perched on its cliffs and appears black from there. It is in fact made up of green/grey pebbles, many of which are tinted black from asbestos waste, a result of the asbestos mining that previously took place near here. Locals use the beach (which is usually deserted due to its appearance). There are 600 steps leading down to the beach from the village but it is easier to drive to the far end of the beach.

Nonza beach

Plage d’Aliso

The narrow road down to the golfe d’Aliso (just after the turn off for Luri) ends at a small, red, sandy beach.

Plage de Barcaggio

The most northern beach of the island is often windy but has lovely white sand. 

Anilah | Shutterstock

Plage de Tamarone

Situated 2.5km north of Macinaggio at the end of a dirt road is the sandy and clean Plage de Tamarone that boasts deep and clear waters. From Macinaggio car park here, various walks are marked which take you through the Site Naturel de la Capandula. This reserve also includes the islands off the coast, which you can see. There is a coastal walk (sentier des douaniers) leading to Barcaggio (3-4hours one way) and also a shorter 1hr30 circuit that takes in many of the highlights and leads to a second beach Plage des Iles.

Plage de Porticciolo

A sandy beach near a small port which has turquoise sea and white sand. Its position means that it is rarely busy.

Plage de Pietracorbara

A sandy beach stretching the length of the bay. One of the most notable beaches of the Cap Corse, a little way from the town of the same name. It is very popular among locals and known for being a particularly safe beach and swim zone for kids and toddlers.


Plage d'Erbalunga

Pebbles and rocks behind a beautifully quaint port with paddling and swimming possible.

Plage de Miomo

A pebble beach with easy access in the heart of the village.


The main beach in the town of Bastia is a pebbly one, and the place can get very busy in the summer months.

Another town beach, the sandy Plage de l'Arinella, is the beginning of the long sandy shore that extends along the whole of the east coast. Although not the most stunning in Corsica, this beach does offer water sports and there are a couple of bar/restaurants.

Beaches of the Costa Verde

The narrow coast under the Castagniccia hills has been christened the Costa Verde

Moriani Plage

Moriani Plage

The coastline of the Costa Verde nestles between the Castagniccia hills and the deep blue waters of the Tyrrhenian sea, and boasts a 14km stretch of golden sand with Moriani Plage as its main resort. There are various access points to the beach and several beach bars along this vast stretch. A couple of spots also offer water sports.

Plage de l’Alistro

South of Moriani Plage, and an expanse of sand, it is just north of the marina at Campoloro.

Plage de Prunette

A stretch of the east coast beach which is pleasantly lined with eucalyptus trees. It  has a couple of bars and water sports facilities.

Plage de Bravone

A pleasant sandy beach with a restaurant and parking area.


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