Diary of Events

Learn more about the various festivals and events that are taking place across the year in L'Extrême Sud, offering access into the local identity and cultures of this region of Corsica.

Cultural & Religious Events:



Fête de la Musique - June
Numerous free live music events are held each year across the island

Fête de Saint Jean le Baptiste - Porto Vecchio June
Celebration of the Saint Patron of Porto Vecchio to mark the end of the harvest season.


Bastille Day - 14th July
A nationwide celebration to commemorate the French Revolution and the end of the 'Ancien Régime' with various parades, night time animations and firework displays.

Festi Lumi - July
A festival of lights across the streets of Bonifacio with concerts and a light show taking place at the weekend.

Festa di Luddarreddu - Porto Vecchio July
‘U Luddarreddu’, a historical figure made of straw and cork will be paraded through the streets of Porto Vecchio and set alight on the Place de la République to celebrate the end of the hot and difficult conditions in which local artisans and farmers have to work in July.


Notre Dame des Neiges - Bavella
Pilgrimage of Notre Dame des Neiges takes place in a magnificent pine forest at the foot of the famous ‘Aiguilles de Bavella’, 10km from the village of Zonza.


Les Médiévales de Levie – Early September
A medieval fair that will transport you back to the ancient times. On the programme: medieval tournaments, street parades, equestrian displays, music, craft, etc...

Fête de la Nativité de la Vierge - Bonifacio
Stuffed aubergines ‘à la Bonifacienne’ are prepared and distributed amongst the people attending the ceremony of this religious feast.



Country Fairs:


Foire de Porto Vecchio

Traditional artisan fair.


Sporting Events:


Défi Inter-Isles - Bonifacio

Supporting the Corsican windsurf championships, this competition will see some hundred windsurfers from all corners of the world participating.


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