Festivals & Events

Corsica is an island of culture with an abundance of music, art and cultural festivals. Many of the villages also hold fetes to celebrate its local crafts and produce, as well as religious or historical events.

Historical Events

Labour Day: 1st May

Victoire 1945 (VE) Day: 8th May

Ascension Day: 21st May

Pentecost: 31st May

Bastille Day: 14th July
A nationwide celebration to commemorate the French Revolution and the end of the 'Ancien Regime' with various parades, night time animations and firework displays.

A Notte di a Memoria - the Relève du Gouverneur in Bastia: 18th July
A re-enactment of the arrival of the French governor with the citadel in Bastia cloaked in light and a drum parade through the streets.

Les Fêtes Napoléoniennes in Ajaccio: 15th August
Ajaccio celebrates the August birthday of Corsica's most famous son with period processions and a fireworks display.

Calvi Fireworks