Beaches of Calvi & La Balagne

There are some fabulous beaches in and around the la Balagne region of Corsica, from the very popular, to the more quiet and secluded, including Lumio, Algajola, L'Ile Rousse, Davia and Ostriconi.


Calvi's beach is a sweeping bay of powdered white sand fringed by woods of maritime pines and is lapped by some of the clearest water on the island. From here, the views across the bay and the picturesque backdrop of Calvi Citadel are simply magnificent. The beach stretches for 6km, so there is plenty of room for everyone even in the height of the summer months. With a gently shelving gradient as well as warm and protected waters, the beach is also ideal for children. There is a fine array of restaurants and cafés nearby - some of which serve directly onto the beach; not to mention a diverse range of water sports activities for the more energetic.


The beach at Lumio, Arinella Plage, is small with stunning views of Calvi Citadel across the bay. There is a small restaurant serving seafood on tables that spill out onto the coarse sand. Sheltered between rocky headlands there are opportunities to swim, paddle or snorkle.


The beach at Algajola (also known as Aregno Plage) is huge and wide and is close to the village and various cafés and restaurants. One of the longest beaches in la Balagne, the sandiest part is at the eastern end so requires quite a walk from the car parking area and the sea bed shelves quite steeply. The western end of the beach is more commercialised and rather rocky in parts, but the water is shallower and calmer. The weather conditions mean that it's ideal for water sports.

Algajola Beach


There are two small, usually uncrowded beaches on the Davia peninsula, which is situated mid way between L'Ile Rousse and Algajola. They are accessed by driving down through the Marine de Davia which is just under 4km from L'Ile Rousse.


Just west of L'Ile Rousse, Bodri Plage is an unspoilt beach, a walk through the maquis and over the railway line. The walk is worth it, as the beach has almost white sand and a turquoise sea.

L'Ile Rousse

This is another town beach, and like Calvi's main beach it can be quite crowded in the summer months - but due to its size, if you're prepared to wander you can generally find a quiet spot. Another benefit of its size is that it is generally patrolled. It's a fine yellow sand beach and the water is a gorgeous clear blue. There are good opportunities here for water sports.


A fabulous large beach which is hardly ever crowded. Access to the beach is between the turnings for Palasca and Belgodère and there is ample car parking. There are two beach café’s towards the western end of the beach. This beach is stepped and shelves quite steeply at the waterline and, in times of rougher seas, the undertow can be hazardous so may not be suitable for less accomplished swimmers and children.