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Are you heading off on your Corsica holiday this Sunday but want to catch the World Cup final? You'll find plenty of places showing the game, which kicks off at 5pm local time.

While much of the nation checks their diaries to discover which mundane event will be clashing with their viewing of this Sunday's World Cup final, perhaps you're one of the lucky ones who will be catching one of our morning charter flights to beautiful Corsica?

With a combination of stunning weather, plenty of places to watch the match and our convenient morning flights, you'll even be able to get a few hours of sunbathing or swimming in before heading out to your chosen venue to watch the match.

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Our Stansted to Calvi flight lands at 11:40am local time, our Manchester to Calvi flight lands at 10:50am local time, while our Heathrow to Figari flight touches down at 12:30pm local time, giving you plenty of time to settle into your accommodation or hotel and rest after your morning journey, or sip some local fine by the waterfront of your holiday destination.

If we all dare to dream, it could even turn out to be an England vs France final, so there's a real chance of a memorable and jubilent atmosphere (hopefully for those supporting the men in red). If you're keen to catch the match, below we've listed some of the best locations to find a screen.

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  • At the far end of Avenue Christophe Colomb, before the roundabout next to the Super U supermarket, a number of bars and eateries have screens set up which exclusively show the World Cup matches. This street is home to the likes of Hotel l'Onda and Hotel Cyrnea, so is convenient for guests at these hotels.
  • All along Quai Landry, the numerous bars and restaurants have set up screens outside by the rows of boats, meaning you can enjoy a bite to eat while absorbing the drama of the match.
  • Around the backstreets of Calvi, up from Quai Landry,you'll find many other restaurants and bars with screens.


St Florent

  • The best place to head to catch the game in St Florent is along the harbourfront where you'll find a range of bars and eateries with screens set up, while one street back from the harbourfront is also home to many bars and eateries likely to be showing the game.



  • The south side of the harbour is the place to head to watch the game. In particular, B52 can combine tasty cocktails with your fill of football. 
  • You may find a few places showing the game closer to the citadel and historic centre, and your best bet is to head to Avenue de la Caratola where you'll find a good number of restaurants.


Porto Vecchio

  • Quai Pascal Paoli offers the chance to sip a beer, watch the expensive boats and view the game all in one package, with many eateries and bars dotted along this street.
  • There are many bars and restaurants around the backstreets located close to Porto Vecchio's Town Hall, serving as a good alternative to those found by the waterfront.


Many of our hotels may also be showing the game, while for those unsure about where to go to watch the match, feel free to ask your hotel staff or Corsican Places rep.


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