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We recently visited Corsica for start of season preparations and insisted on an electric vehicle to walk the path of our customers this summer… So how is Corsica doing on the electric vehicle front?

As two non-electric car drivers, it’s safe to say Tony (Customer Manager) and myself (Product Manager) were apprehensive, yet a bit excited about our adventure using an electric car.

Let’s be honest – aversion to change is natural. Fear of the unknown, also quite so. Questions we had, yet didn’t know the answer to… we went through it all, but in all honesty… after a couple of journeys, this electric vehicle driving was not only simple, it was an absolute pleasure!

On Pick Up

We were advised to download an app on our phones – recommendations of placetoplug, and chargemap were given. We had already done a little bit of research and already had chargemap ready to go. It’s free to use after creating your own account. 

Just like every hire car, it’s not the same as your own. You have to take a moment to locate where you can wind the windows down, how you open and close the boot, even where the handbrake is and of course do you even need to insert a key to drive it? – in this day and age, not many new cars need you to do this! Familiarisation is no different… you are just locating where the charge gauge is rather than the fuel tank.

We double checked our boot too… included in the rental are you leads to charge – one for use at charging stations, and what they call a trickle charge lead which plugs into the mains.

Lets Go!

Being a work trip, we had a lot of appointments across the north of Corsica all afternoon.

We didn’t hold back… Everywhere we went we had the air-con on, and the stereo. All of which affect the charge, but we soon learnt that Corsica’s landscape is ideal for electric vehicles…


Did you know?

  • You should drive at a moderate speed to reduce your energy consumption and increase the battery life

  • Use the eco mode of your vehicle 

  • Avoid the use of brakes… by this I mean coast downhill, and slow down naturally when you can

  • Your vehicle RECHARGES on descents by accumulating energy produced by the engine brake

  • It will cost you 30% less using an Electric vehicle than paying for fuel

  • There are no CO2 emissions, particles or smoke – helping to preserve the environment

Our trip saw us travel 51km on the first day, stopping and starting five times. We started with 100% with the car advising we had enough charge to travel 298km. At the end of the day the car told us we had 254km left on the charge indicating we had travelled 44km. So even with our full use of air-con and stereo, we conserved energy and managed to recharge with the use of sensible driving.

We remained static the next day for meetings, and upon getting in the car on the 3rd day it remained on 254km worth of charge. Conscious that we were returning to the airport, and knowing we had to return at least 70% charge, we needed to find a charge today. We were staying at a hotel with no charging facilities, so we didn’t have the luxury of overnight charging.

So, as we were at an appointment, we located a charging point and left it on charge, just for 20 minutes. That gave us an almost full charge, enough to travel a further 30km and return at 80%.



It’s amazing when you have an electric vehicle how much you become tuned in to charging points. And while the use of the apps were good, there are many more charging points that are not noted that we spotted. Single unit in isolated balagne villages, to easy access points at the supermarkets.

Charging is simple – most are fast charge, so while you may stop for lunch, or popping into the supermarket, put the car on charge. A fast charge takes approximately 30 minutes. There are a couple of different charging options, but most allow for use of a credit card, and you will actually find many FOC; especially if you are staying at one of our properties that have charging points. 

There is no doubt that a little planning and forward thought process is required, but actually a little time on charge whilst doing something else is an easy solution, and allows for long journeys if required.

Our website notes properties with charging points. From private villas to résidences and hotels. And with the world becoming a little greener, and France being slightly ahead of the curve, the amount of charging points will become more and this strange, currently slightly unfamiliar, way of driving will soon become quite the norm!

Better for our planet and less noise - the future is definitely electric!

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