Introducing our new representative in north-east Corsica

Updated on May 26, 2017 by Kathryn Burrington

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Welcome to Gaël de Pachtere, who has joined our wonderful team of reps covering St Florent and the north-east of the island.

We’re delighted to have Gaël on the team, and know he is going to be a great asset. So that we could all get to know him a little better, Kathryn, from our marketing team, caught up with him the other day for a chat.

Gaël is half Parisian and half Corsican, and while he only moved to the island earlier this year, he spent his childhood holidays in Oletta at the base of Cap Corse, near St Florent.

“I’ve always wanted to live by the sea” he explained. “I love being surrounded by water, so a little island like Corsica is the perfect place to be. I also like the fact that between May and October you don't need to wear a coat or a jumper. The weather is perfect. The lifestyle in Corsica is easy going, and as it can get really hot during the height of summer, you can't do a lot in the afternoon and napping is one of my favourite activities!”


Favourite time of year

I asked Gaël about his favourite time of year on the island – “May and September are probably my favourite months as the weather is not too hot and it isn’t busy.”


Favourite place

And his favourite place? “My village Oletta! Between sea and mountains, not too warm during summer, full of friends and family, stunning views, good restaurants, good wine producers... what else do you need?”

above: The village of Oletta


Favourite restaurant

I love eating out, especially in Corsica so I had to ask for some recommendations about where to eat. Gaël replied “that's a difficult one. I like many places. If I had to pick three they would be:

‘Chez Marie’ at Oto, for the view and the quantity of food!

‘La Cigale’ in Oletta – the location is not great but the food is really good (try the deep fried fresh goat’s cheese).

‘A Piazetta’ also in Oletta, for the view at sunset, the warm welcome, the escalope á la créme, the myrte liquor at the end of the meal and if I don't talk about my Corsican grandmother's food, I'll be in trouble!”


Favourite beach

When I asked if he had a favourite beach he replied, “of course I do! But I won't tell you my secret spot! Otherwise, Saleccia, Farinole and Albo are part of my favourites.”

above: Saleccia Beach
credit: Pawel Kazmierczak | Shutterstock


Favourite pastime

And when he’s not working for Corsican Places, I asked how he liked to spend his time. “Every time I see my friends for a drink or a good meal is a wonderful time for me. I also love concerts and music festivals, although except for Corsican music, it's a bit hard to find good ones around here. There are two events I am really looking forward to though: Corsican Woodstock, a local festival in the middle of vineyards, and Porto Latino, a music festival in St Florent.

I also spend a lot of time cooking! Thanks to my grandmother and my father, I love cooking, and without being pretentious, I'm pretty good!

And I spend hours under the water snorkelling and spearfishing. Travelling is another a passion.”

I may be biased but I think Gaël’s move to Corsica was an excellent idea. Now I just need to find out where his secret beach is and, when I do, I’ll let you know (if you promise not to tell anyone else!).  

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