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Two majestic islands in the Mediterranean Sea, with very different personalities, Sardinia and Corsica are both gems just waiting to be explored.

Corsica vs Sardinia, geographically, you’d be forgiven for assuming the two are very similar, with sandy, shelving beaches, marvellous marinas, and a rocky, rugged interior. Both islands are geared up for an excellent holiday, from relaxing beach holidays to epic walking tours and spending time on the water. 

Aside from their similarities, each island has their own dialect and distinct culture. In Sardinia you’ll find a strong Italian influence with fabulous cuisine to match, in Corsica, it’s more of a French affair with restaurants serving charcuterie, locally produced wine, and hearty stews, although, as the Corsicans will tell you, they are certainly not French! 


Both islands are easily accessible from the UK, with almost daily flights into each. Sardinia offers a wider range of regional airports such as Bristol, Manchester, and Birmingham, whereas Corsica is typically reachable from London airports. The season in Sardinia is generally longer too, with flights commencing in April right through until the end of October.

Flight information for Sardinia

Flight information for Corsica

Sunset of Alghero, Sardinia


In Sardinia, you’ll find a range of properties, including beautiful beachfront hotels, rural villas and romantic residences. Sardinia does have very strict building laws to protect the coastline, so it is unlikely you will find new villas within walking distance of the sea. The French laws governing Corsica have a more relaxed approach when it comes to construction so you will find a few more options here if you are looking to wander to the surf, plus a few more private apartments available in the towns and villages.

Accommodation in Sardinia

Accommodation in Corsica

Algajola Beach, Corsica

What is there to do

As we have alluded to, both isles have fantastic beaches and opportunities for adventure. Both islands are home to via ferrata, but if you’re looking for more mountainous pursuits, Corsica is best with 20 of its’ mountains higher than 2000 metres.

Snorkelling in Sardinia

For snorkelling and diving, Sardinia is the perfect option, with many corals and reefs found in the shallow waters, and famous spots such as La Maddalena archipelago and the rocky coast of Isola Rossa. 

Spiaggia Rosa, Budelli Island, La Maddalena archipelago in Sardinia

Each island offers a wealth of interest, history and culture and with a daily ferry running between the two, why not explore both on your next holiday? We’ll tailor-make your trip so it’s perfect for you. What are you waiting for?

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