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The beauty of Central Corsica

While many will flock to the coast for the summer during their Corsica holidays, we think you'll find just as much reward visiting Central Corsica.
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Solenzara: things to do and where to stay

A small seaside resort nestled into Corsica’s east coast, just an hour’s drive from Porto Vecchio, Solenzara is rich in authentic Corsican charm.
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Where to stay for a walking holiday in Corsica

Corsica's dramatic mountains, remote hilltop villages and stunning sea views are made for walking holidays. Here are just some of the best places to stay to see the island at its most beautiful.
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Things to do in south Corsica

If you're planning a holiday but can't decide between north or south Corsica, read on to discover the top things to do in south Corsica – plus the best villas to stay at while you're there.
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Top 10 sea views in Corsica

The Island of Beauty boasts some incredible vistas. Here's a collection of our top 10 sea views in Corsica.
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Top 10 views in Corsica

Corsica is an island blessed by stunning natural scenery, and is one of the most picturesque islands in the world. Here are our top 10 views in Corsica.
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6 memorable features of a stay at Bergerie Olivella

Bergerie Olivella is one of the most unique and rewarding properties amongst our wide accommodation collection. Here are six reasons why we love it so much.
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Amandine's walks in southern Corsica

Our very own Amandine spent a week exploring some of the walking routes in Southern Corsica, visiting beautiful unspoilt coastal areas and mountain ranges in the Figari region.
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Walking and cycling in Corsica

Not every Corsica holiday has to be spent relaxing on the beach or indulging beside the pool. Get active and explore Corsica's beautiful island landscapes.
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