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Introducing our new representative in north-east Corsica

Welcome to Gaël de Pachtere, who has joined our wonderful team of reps covering St Florent and the north-east of the island.
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Summer festivals in Corsica

Embrace a sense of tradition and celebration during your summer holiday in Corsica by considering a visit to one or more of the island's summer festivals.
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Corsican Festival Dates 2017

Corsica makes a magical setting for a range of events each year, including fabulous music festivals, tasty food fairs and colourful historic commemorations.
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Happy Easter from Corsican Places

A few Corsican traditions and tasty Easter treats...
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10 things not to miss in Corsica

Ensure you get the most out of the island during your trip by visiting some of its most stunning attractions and famous locations, presented in our top 10.
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