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Gardens of Corsica

Updated on Dec 08, 2023 by Ella Brundle

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Corsica is famed for its beaches & cuisine, but, the many endemic plants and shrubs on the island provide it with its unique fragrances and natural beauty. Read about the charming gardens of Corsica.

Corsica, the ‘Isle of Beauty’, is a Mediterranean island that takes great pride in its natural beauty and local produce. Many products of Corsica bear witness to the island’s history and location in the heart of the Mediterranean, with 12 products given the Protected by Designation of Origin status, this means that the products were made with specific ‘know-how’ and techniques of the local experts, which gives the produce its distinctive characteristics. Of course, Corsican wines feature and there are plenty of vineyards to explore during a holiday to the island. 

Not only does Corsica boast some fantastic and unique produce, but it is also home to unique scrublands, a mix of endemic plants that are specific to the island. At lower levels of the island, you will find Maquis, or Macchia, a mix of heavily scented scrubs that wash over your senses as you land on the island. The scrublands are home to 78 endemic species and 42 varieties of orchids, walking in Corsica’s countryside is beautiful and has plenty of nature to spot. At Corsican Places, we are proud to be able to offer some fantastic walking holidays, browse them here.

For gardening enthusiasts, there is a lovely open garden on the north coast of the island near Monticello, Parc de Saleccia, open to the public since 2015. This perfectly landscaped garden covers 7000 acres, located along the sea, trails within the garden teach visitors about gardening in the heart of Corsican maquis. The island's nature is expressed throughout the garden, making it a beautiful place to spend an afternoon during your holiday. The garden features olive, cypress and oleander trees, showcasing the essence of the Corsican landscape. Browse our selection of beautiful properties in the north west of the island here.

For those holidaying near Bastia, the Romieu Garden is a unique garden to add to your list of sightseeing spots. This small garden was designed by architect, Paul-Augustine Viale. The winding staircase in the garden takes you from the old port up into the citadel of Bastia, bending around tall standing vases, statues and a fountain, with beautifully decorative wrought iron railings encompassing the stairs. The garden has a charming sea view out over the harbour, ideal for catching the sunset in a quiet and peaceful area. What was once just a wasteland of concrete and weeds, is now lovingly transformed into an urban garden. If you are looking to holiday in the north east region of Corsica this summer, browse our property range here.

Bastia city centre.

If you seek a tranquil hotel with pristine gardens and lush greenery, our experts have handpicked a selection from our range here:

Hôtel La Villa: Eight acres of flourishing gardens, bordering the maquis of the surrounding hillsides. 

Hôtel La Villa.

Grand Hôtel Cala Rossa: Boasting its own vegetable garden, enjoy the tranquil greenery that surrounds you and taste the flavours of homegrown produce in the restaurant.

The vegetable garden at Grand Hôtel Cala Rossa.

Le Home and A Merula: Stunning apartments just 10 minutes from Calvi Town. Boasting perfect, lush green gardens. This is a tranquil adult-only property and is perfect for a relaxing self-catered getaway.

Well-kept gardens of Le Home.

Pozzo di Mastri: A unique hotel in the heart of the south of Corsica. Set in a 197-acre farm, boasting beautiful gardens, traditional stone buildings and stunning rooms. Pozzo Di Mastri oozes authenticity and tranquillity, with a vegetable garden growing seasonal produce for the on-site restaurant. 

Birds eye view of the grounds of Pozzo di Mastri.

Explore all of our accommodation choices and holidays to Corsica.


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