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5 reasons not to go all inclusive in Corsica

Updated on Mar 27, 2023 by Ella Brundle

Blog > 5 reasons not to go all inclusive in Corsica

Whilst all inclusive holidays are popular, they are not for everyone, and they don't always suit every destination and what it has to offer. Here's why you should choose not to go all inclusive...

If you are a holidaymaker who prefers a self-catering apartment or hotels with more flexible board bases, then Corsica is for you. Or, if you are on the fence about whether to choose an all-inclusive or self-catering holiday, we can help you to decide!

1. Enjoy variety

Usually, an all-inclusive board will mean that you will have all of your meals within the hotel, this could mean that you don't have the opportunity to taste authentic, delicious local foods outside of the hotel. With other board bases, you are encouraged to move outside of the hotel and explore the local bars and restaurants. Enjoy sampling local delicacies and even meet the locals, an amazing experience for your holiday. Some fantastic Corsican foods to try include Veal with olives, Corsican Lamb, Wild Boar casserole, Ewe's cheese 'Brocciu', and for something sweet, Beignets. Explore local Corsican cuisines further here.

Local cuisine

2. Explore a half-board option

If you are looking to have the best of both worlds and enjoy the ease of eating at your hotel, but without being tied down to 3 meals a day, then half board may be for you. Enjoy breakfast and lunch at the hotel, then head out in the evening to the nearest town and enjoy all that is on offer! Some great half-board hotels include Hotel l'Ondine, Hotel Bellevue and Hotel San Giovanni, just to name a few!

Hôtel San Giovanni's outside dining terrace

3. Escape the crowds

Images of crowds and large sprawling hotels may come to mind when booking an all-inclusive hotel. In Corsica, our hotels are calm and quiet with many only having a small number of rooms. Each hotel is handpicked by our team, with you in mind, whether that is tucked away in the countryside or on the beachfront. In Corsica, there is a hotel suited to everyone who is wanting to stay in tranquillity and escape the crowds.

Boutique Hôtel Artemisia

4. Explore beyond your hotel

Sometimes you crave a holiday where you simply fly and flop, however, there is so much to see and do in Corsica, it is well worth going for self-catering or Bed and Breakfast! When choosing an option like this, you get the opportunity to explore the local beaches, villages and sites near your hotel. If you choose to have a hire car within your package, you will then have even more freedom to explore the island! 


5. Support the local economy

Having too many all-inclusive hotels in one area can be damaging to the local economy, as tourists aren't getting out and about to local businesses that rely heavily on tourism during the summer months. By not going all-inclusive, you will be supporting the local economy and ensuring that they thrive during the summer months! So make sure to book today and enjoy all the benefits of NOT going all-inclusive!

Calvi town

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