20 stunning photos that will make you want to visit Corsica

Updated on Jan 03, 2017 by Kathryn Burrington

Blog > 20 stunning photos that will make you want to visit Corsica

Corsica is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever been to and it's a joy to photograph, from the aquamarine waters to the snow-capped mountains.

Here's some our favourite images from the island of beauty that we think would tempt anyone to visit, whether for the first time or the hundredth time; Corsica is a land that keeps calling you back.


1. One of Corsica's most famous beaches is Santa Giulia in the far south of the island but this is just one of a plethora of lovely beaches, from quiet secluded coves to sweeping sandy bays with a great range of water born activities.

Image credit: Pawel Kazmierczak | Shutterstock


2. Bonifacio's old town is wonderful to explore, perched on top of the cliffs with the sparkling sea below.

Image credit: Paul Arps | Creative Commons


3. Streams tumble through La Restonica Valley near Corte in the mountainous interior, occasionally collecting in quiet pools where you can bathe.

Image credit: Jon Ingall | Shutterstock


4. The nearby citadel at Corte is a stunning sight by day or lit up by night.

Image credit: Arnaud Abadie | Creative Commons


5. The medieval hill-top village of Speloncato in La Balagne lit by the sun in the 'Golden Hour' takes on an autumnal hue.

Image credit: Salajean | Shutterstock


6. You'll find another stunning citadel this time by the sea in Calvi.

Image credit: Infografick | Shutterstock


7. The river banks of Le Tavignano are a joy to wander along.

Image credit: Daniel Cremona | Creative Commons


8. Another lovely hill-top town in La Balagne, Corbara is easy to reach from the coast.

Image credit: Kathryn Burringrton | Corsican Places


9. The sun sinks low in the sky at the Calanques de Piana.

Image credit: Infografick | Shutterstock


10. Vivaro in the heart of Corsica's mountainous interior.

Image credit: Salajean | Shutterstock


11. Poppies in the south of Corsica

Image credit: Коля Саныч | Creative Commons


12. The stunning beach at L'Ile Rousse with the clearest water you could hope to find anywhere.

Image credit: Kathryn Burringrton | Corsican Places


13. Snorkeling in Corsica's amazingly clear waters.

Image credit: Corrado | Creative Commons


14. Scuba diving to see Corsica's corals.

Image credit: Arnaud Abadie | Creative Commons


15. The sweeping, sandy bay of Calvi with a backdrop of pine trees and distant mountains

Image credit: Kathryn Burringrton | Corsican Places


16. Les Calanques de Piana with a view to the sea beyond.

Image credit: Matt Glen | Corsican Places


17. The charming town of Pigna, well known for its traditional arts, crafts and music. You'll also find some more great views down to the sea from here.


18. The fishing boats at Erbalunga on Cap Corse.

Image credit: Daniel Cremona | Shutterstock


19. View of the cliffs north-west of Calvi.

Image credit: Marco | Creative Commons


20. The feeling you get when you are in Corsica...

Image credit: Shutterstock

To find out more or to book your Corsican getaway visit Corsica.co.uk or call 01489 866931.


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